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We have now reached the midway point of our time here in France, a time filled with stillness, peace, and restoration. This time has been a gift, and has helped me make greater sense of my life, and the way in which I choose to live it – for freedom is not always easy, and this life of perpetual movement can, at times, create a greater sense of loss and frustration than my previous life amongst the 9-5. Having the opportunity to ground myself for a while has allowed me to see that I am always moving – even when I am physically still. The only way to give longevity to my dreams is to accept that travel is not always about chasing the next destination. You reach a greater understanding of the world, her people, and your place within the chaos, when you take a moment to pause, sit for while, and appreciate the beauty that precedes the horizon, not just that which stretches beyond it.

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