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Today is my 34th birthday. I’m not really one for celebrating the occasion, but I have spent time thinking back over my thirty-four years, and feeling very blessed and grateful for the way my life looks at this age, and the many gifts bestowed upon me. One of the greatest gifts to emerge in recent years is this blog, which brings me an overwhelming sense of joy and pride. In launching Further Bound, I entered into a remarkable online world of connection and authenticity, wherein lies my most treasured gift of all: you. By taking the time to come here, read my words, comment, and share pieces of your own stories, you have brought a sense of purpose and excitement to my life that I never could have anticipated. Longterm readers will know that I am not the most regular of bloggers; I don’t adhere to typical standards, and share irregularly and often infrequently. But what I do share is real and from the heart, and it therefore means even more to me that you continue to come back and read and engage. Without you, Further Bound would not exist, and I would not be the same version of myself I see today. And so I offer you my most sincere thanks – and a free printout so you can say thank you to someone too!

I hand painted this floral watercolour garland, then turned it into a card for you to download and print as many times as you would like. It comes in two varieties – one on a simple white background, and the other on a brown paper background – so download one or both, and feel free to share them with anyone you know. I simply ask that you never use this design for commercial purposes. It is given freely, so please do the same.

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