Free wallpaper | Fernweh


I posted this beautiful definition on my Facebook page last month and it seemed to resonate with a lot of people, so I thought I would turn it into a wallpaper for you all to enjoy. The skyscape was taken early one morning here in France, and I just love the delicate hues of the clouds, painted this perfect soft rose for just a few fleeting moments by the rising sun, as though the sky itself was aching for change. The word Fernweh is of German origin, and according to Wikipedia, became an English term in 1902 as a reflection of what was then seen as a characteristically German predilection for wandering. However it came about, it perfectly encapsulates the deeply engrained wanderlust that never really leaves me.

Set it to your desktop, print it out, share it, tweet it, pin it, whatever you like, just enjoy it!

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